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Aug 26

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Aug 21



You would think that maybe Tony would be genre-savvy with the whole renegade-destruction-robot-apocalypse thing, but no

This is what happens in AoU. I accept no other reality.

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Aug 20

WHAT IF AU - Sharon Carter as Captain America (part one), Bucky Barnes as the Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff as the Winter Soldier

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Aug 18
I nominate Stark, Natasha and Thor

I nominate Stark, Natasha and Thor

Aug 16

OKAY BUT think about Steve Rogers learning about the current healthcare system in America.

Aug 15


You picked the wrong side, agent.
Depends on where you’re standing.

I love this scene. It’s got everything. The Bystander Effect, authority effect, the superhero’s having a huge effect on the layman, even the smallest actions standing up for what’s right makes you a hero

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Aug 14

Aug 12

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"C-change him back - this wasn’t the mission"



After drawing this - this picture felt necessary

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